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What benefits will it have to my business?

The Google My Business platform acts as a powerful tool that enables businesses to streamline their information across all Google products. This can be a valuable resource for customers to get key information about your business including; driving directions, clickable phone numbers and business opening hours.

This mobile friendly platform means that customers can locate your business on any device across Google Maps and Google Search. It helps to establish a wider customer base with an opportunity to engage with key audiences, whilst providing a facility for customers review your product/service and leave relevant feedback. 

All this can then be reported through Google Insights which contains information such as view count, click through rate and community engagement. This data can help to further analyse the performance of your listing to outline any areas where adjustments may need to be made to ensure optimal results for your business. As a valued customer of Search Point UK a copy of your Google insights is provided to you on a quarterly basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Search Point UK?

Search Point UK are a digital marketing company who specialise in the set-up and management of Google my Business listings for a wide range of customers.

What will Search Point UK do for me?

We will check and update all of your relevant information, making sure it is displaying accurately to your target audience and ensure it is looking professional and competitive. We will add images and address any duplicate listings, as well as writing a description to enhance your online presence and bridge the gap between you and your prospective customers.

How much does Google My Business cost?

Google My Business is available to anyone and is free of charge. We offer a professional service for a fee. Services include but are not limited to the initial set up of pages, verification of accounts and continuous customer service and account management.

Do you work/partner/affiliate with Google in any way?

No. The foundation of our business model is to provide a highly effective application of Google products, however we are in no way associated with Google and would like to bring this to your attention.