How to Create a Google Account

Creating a Google account is quick process necessary to be able to access various Google products including Google My Business or to be able to accept an invitation to contribute to a listing by accepting an ownership or management invitation.

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Creating an account

To create and account you’ll need to enter some information about yourself such as your name and date of birth in order to be able to recover your account later if required and access age restricted content on Google. If you have a gmail address you already have a Google account. You’ll be able to sign in to Google products using your Gmail address.

Begin the 'Create an Account' Process

Go to and press the Sign in button in the top right of the page.

Click Create an account.

Create your Google Account

The signup box will appear. Enter your information such as your name and chosen username which will be the first part of your ‘’ address. Alternatively you can choose to use your existing email address and enable it to sign in to Google.

Click next to continue

Verify your phone number

Enter your phone number and click next to verify it,

You will shortly receive a verification code to the phone number provided via SMS message. Enter the number received. This is usually a 6 digit number.

Click next to continue.

Welcome to Google

The next step will ask for optional extras of phone number and email address as well as age These are not public but are used for account security, recovery purposes. and accessing age restricted content.

Enter your information.

Click next to continue.

Complete your Account

Review Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the checkboxes and then click Create Account.


Congratulations you have now successfully created a Google account. Keep your information safe and use it to log into Google products. For further help with specific Google products you can visit Google Support